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We provide immigration advice and representation to businesses and individuals on a private basis.

We have extensive experience in the whole range of immigration, asylum and nationality work.

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We have developed expertise in offering advice on all aspects of immigration to the UK. Whether you are a business seeking skilled staff from abroad, an individual coming to the UK to work, study, or settle, facing deportation, or a refugee facing risks in your home country, Bake & Co Solicitors can guide you safely through the complexities of immigration and asylum law.

UK immigration law is not only complex, it changes rapidly and frequently. In a lot of instances, people may be unaware that the law provides relief for their various immigration situations, but often the relief is hidden in obscure sources of law such as Home Office policies and concessions. Our life-work has been to seek out and clarify these sources of law for the benefit of our clients.

The Human Rights Act and European Courts jurisprudence are other treasure troves that we frequently use for the benefit of our clients.

To discuss any aspect of our work, or to obtain a quote for your case, email us on Please ask for a schedule of our fixed fees for standard applications.

For further information about the immigration system, see our links page.

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